Top 5 Ways to get ahead in Work

Everyone thinks they know how to impress at work. Very few people make the correct and simple decisions to progress in the workplace. Please note these are not relevant to all work places but could help you be taken more seriously.

  • Look The Part…make an effort. Spend an extra few minutes getting ready before you start. Shower, shave and organise your wardrobe. Dress appropriately for the day ahead!
  • Plan and Prepare… There’s nothing worse than going to a meeting not having prepared. Research your client and their business. Personal touches go a long way.
  • Market Yourself… Have a portfolio of success. However small refer to achievements where relevant. Previous good work doesn’t have to be left in history.
  • Learn… You should always be willing to learn. Those who succeed have learned from their own or others mistakes.
  • Goal Completion… Set a list of goals. These again can start out small. Once you/they gain traction review them. Completions and achievements make you feel better and can snowball quickly.

This list is not exhaustive. Make your own. You know your company and your boss better than I do. Pick what works and evolve it to your needs. Give it a go.. Be the big fish!

Working Man

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